Regularly Scheduled Geekery
with Adam Fast

Currently my (personal) time is entirely spent on Python and the Django web framework, but in the past I've done everything from Microsoft ASP and .NET to php. Others too, but those are the core of my experience.

My (professional) time is now spent with Django as well, and it's an absolute blast. At my former job I spent my time on a mix of Crestron automation systems and a little bit of Django. I still enjoy Crestron, but Django is way more high-tech and exciting.

Some of my projects include:

  • - a project to make a comprehensive listing of aviation museums geographically searchable for ease of trip planning. (Python/Django)

  • The Joplin Flyers Flying Club Hidden behind the authentication layer is a complete scheduling / aircraft tracking / billing package, used to help us keep track of where the airplanes are, who has them reserved, and for how long. (django/Python)

  • Tweetar an implementation of my python-tweetar library below, meant as an easy way for people to make a given METAR reporting station post to Twitter without needing to run their own code. Used by @KJLN_WX, @KLWC_WX, @KHFJ_WX, @KOSH_WX, @KEDW_WX and @KTTS_WX (and many others too). (Python/Django)

  • Aircraft ReReg - A micro app that does one thing - look at the FAA database for a tail number and determine when it will be eligible for re-registration under the new airworthiness certificate rules.

  • QTHmap - Geolocate your amateur radio logs, one QSO at a time (django/Python)

  • Ozarks Greenway Adventure Race My friend Jim, K5QQ, has written a sizable software project that uses packet radio to do live tracking of participants in an outdoor "adventure race" (look at the course, it is NOT for the faint of heart and muscle) I wrote some code to allow his software to speak to mine, which publishes these live results to the internet with only a few seconds delay, allowing family and friends to track how the teams they're cheering for are doing. Text message / email alerts are available so you can keep track without constantly monitoring the website. This feat is more notable for the amount of hardware and volunteer efforts on behalf of hams required than the software in itself. (Amateur Radio/Visual Basic/django/Python)

  • In development: Cellular/SMS-controlled power switching / automation system (Arduino/C)

  • django-locationtracking, a reusable Django application to provide location tracking to ones' own website. It was extracted from this site, so I still have things I can do here that the opened version doesn't do. I'm trying to catch up. (GeoDjango/Python)

  • django-weathertracking A reusable app with many of the features my site uses for keeping track of weather. Is capable of automatically retrieving conditions from the National Weather Service and storing them. Also includes the ability to find the nearest weather station to a point and return/store the weather for there. (GeoDjango/Python

  • API for data integration via JSON/XML/YaML. This will be the cornerstone of django-locationtracking importing APRS data. (django/Python)

  • A "filter" for CW Skimmer / spotting networks for amateur radio (django/Python)

  • Many others, either too small to warrant linking, or just haven't been released to the public yet.

The following are libraries - unless you're a programmer yourself, you likely won't ever need/use them.

  • python-tweetar A New BSD-licensed open source script to allow users to automate posting of their local METAR stations to Twitter. If you want to run your own clone of this is what you need. (Python/Django)

  • django-urlr New BSD-licensed micro app to make generating shortened URLs via the API in Django easy. (Python/Django)

  • django-socialregistration Fork of an existing project, with dramatic changes to support things needed by my python-tweetar library (and other projects.

  • faadata New BSD-licensed Django application with models for storing the data available from the FAA via FADDS. (Python/Django)

  • faddsdata The parsing pieces needed by the above faadata library (or anything else you're doing if you just need to read the data with no storage. New BSD licensed.

  • geodjango-uscampgrounds New-BSD licensed data models and importer for the "open source" data available from about camping facilities.

  • pydxs A New BSD-licensed open source module to make automated reading of reports from amateur radio spotting networks easier. (Python/minor django-isms to get tests to run)

  • geodjango-tigerline A New BSD-licensed open source app to make adding the US Census Bureau's TIGER/Line data to your GeoDjango application easier. (GeoDjango)

  • And many more. Please see my Profile on GitHub for the full list of my open-source works.