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with Adam Fast

Posted July 30, 2008, 12:24 a.m. by Adam Fast

Despite what the APRS report shows, I'm in Rockford, IL (the tracker is still working fine but has required several "microsoft procedures" - turn off/on, and at night it's hard to tell when exactly it's in need of that. I've checked into the motel, all devices are charging, and I'm ready to get some sleep. Tomorrow sees the drive into Oshkosh!

Odd story of so far: hotel desk person to me "Wow! There are three antennas on that car! You must be either a cop or /really/ into CBs".

Me: "They're for amateur radio. One for location tracking, one for digital voice, one for analog voice."


I guess I'd be cooler if I talked on three CBs at once? I thought CBs were "soo 1970s"?